In an attempt to intensify the use of the existing workshop facilities and manpower at the association Kologh Naba in Burkina Faso, Else Trærup (the director of Kologh Naba) and Eva Seidenfaden decided to establish a workshop in Oct/Nov 2008 offering different kinds of weaving techniques for all the women in the organisation.

A group of basket weavers and artist called ”Firflet” consisting of Ane Lyngsgaard, Annette Balle, Hanne Vistisen and Eva Seidenfaden focused on developing models that could on one hand unite and use the exsisting facilities, and on the other hand create some models that were possible to make from local and available materials.

The Groupe ”Firflet” has experience in blending Danish design with African touch from a different projekt in Burkina Faso: ”Shopping baskets – Lets get rid of plastic bags – use Shopping baskets!” 

We decided on 2 products:

  1. A stool, manufactured by the carpenters, woven with tanned goatskin, made by the women.
  2. A small basket made of millet straw (which is a remainder from the harvest) woven together with strips of leftovers of goatskin and bicycle tyres. The basket is tailored to fit the size of the soaps made in the soap- workshop. The idea is that the baskets should increase the sales of the soaps.

The women have been very excited about the products and very eager to learn. Former experience has shown us that there is an elite group of women who swiftly transform knowledge into action, a middle group who is very motivated and definitely is very capable of learning to manufacture the products, and finally a smaller group of women who may find it difficult not to do any harm.

Carrying this project through is due to voluntary contribution and teaching from the 4 instructors and grants for travel expenses from CKU (Centre of Cultural Development).

We believe in the products. We think our project has succeeded very well, and it turned out that we could sell the stools and millet baskets from day one! – Hopefully that will continue.